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Looking for  something?

Lalo's Auto Parts has a large inventory of foreign and domestic  used auto parts.

We have made it very easy to search our on-line inventory 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - simply select the  year, make / model and part that you are looking for.  In order to assure you get the right part for your car, we have highly trained parts specialists ready to assist you in-person by phone.

Domestic auto parts

Lalo's Auto Parts provides quality brand name domestic auto  parts, including :


•  Fuel line belts

•  Air conditioning and heating

•  Hardware and tools

•  Large selection of ceramic pads

Foreign auto parts

Lalo's Auto Parts has a vast catalogue of foreign auto parts in our inventory, including:


•  OE rotors and drums

•  Fuel injection parts Water pumps

•  Engine parts

•  Water pumps and filters  

Wrecker service

Have an old junker that you're ready  to get rid of? It doesn't matter what shape your used car is in, we'll take it!

When you need auto parts, you can be certain that Lalo's is the right choice


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